Well here we are 8 weeks later and my course is almost finished.  This course has been intense but I have learned so many new tools to use in my classroom and hopefully in the media center.  We have made blogs, tweeted, looked at web 2.0 tools, created voicethreads, wikis, screencasts, used Flickr, and investigated the online applications of copyright and creative commons.  Not to mention the discussion on universal design, assessments, Common Core, and technology standards.  I have also learned to better organize my thoughts online using Diigo, a new favorite tool

I learned that one tool can have many different uses and can be a great tool for various types of learners.  I also really started to understand the importance of copyright and creative commons.  I also understand the concept of  21st Century learning much more.   I worry that if  our education system doesn’t change we will become obsolete, but am afraid as teachers we won’t be given the tools needed to truly create 21st  Century Learning Environments.

I think teaching in a 21st Century Classroom would be amazing.  I would love to see students using technology for learning instead of just to chat with friends or to look up song lyrics to their favorite song.  I am hopeful that the new Common Core will lead us in the right direction.  I also can imagine the library as being the connection to all of the new learning for both students and staff, a place to explore, learn, apply and create knowledge.  I am excited to become a 21st Century Teacher.


About kmdomboski

I am a middle school social studies teacher and a current School Library Media graduate student. I have been teaching for over 11 years. I also am Nationally Board Certified and have a masters in Technology for Educators from Johns Hopkins University.

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