I have just been introduced to Voice Thread and wanted to include a sample of what Voice thread can do. I chose to discuss Social Media in this Voice Thread. https://voicethread.com/share/2985994//. Voice thread is a great way to mix pictures and audio. It is very easy to upload images from either your computer, the web,or other media sites. You can comment on each picture individually and then put them all together for your Voice Thread. This tool could be a great way to have students share their thoughts on images used in class, or for independent work. The teacher could narrate while showing images that related to a specific topic. I can also see this as a great way to do an art digital portfolio. Actually, any content could scan in final products and students could discuss what the assignment was, how they did, why they are proud of the assignment, and what they would change. Check out Voice Thread https://voicethread.com/


About kmdomboski

I am a middle school social studies teacher and a current School Library Media graduate student. I have been teaching for over 11 years. I also am Nationally Board Certified and have a masters in Technology for Educators from Johns Hopkins University.

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