As I have begun to explore the world of web 2.o I begin to see the need to keep everything in one place.  iGoogle is one option.  iGoogle works well for this, especially if you are trying to follow Google apps.  However, if you want to put a service other than a Google application you have to use gadgets made by various people. I’ll be honest, that made me nervous. I’m not sure I like the fact that the gadget accesses my username and password.  Although, I completely understand why they need it, it still makes me nervous.

As a teacher, though, a one stop way to organize the web is essential.  I had originally  signed up to have blogs I like email me, however, my email is so full from school business that the updates quickly got lost. By putting my Google reader and twitter account on my iGoogle page and then making it my homepage, I can quickly see if anything is new or interesting when I open up my browser.  I think this will be a much more efficient way to keep track of my web 2.0 professional development.  I could even include gadgets like this day in history and CNN school news to share with my students. Setting up a Google calendar for school may also help to organize my day.   Currently, I just put it all on my personal calendar. However, my work day is so removed from my “social” calendar that I could easily keep a separate calendar or even just hide my “social” calendar on my iGoogle page.

Whether I choose to go with iGoogle as my online organizer or not, one thing is clear.  I need to find some way to organize it because pretty soon my web 2.0 adventure will become a tangled web of username, passwords, and bookmarks that I can’t get untangled.


About kmdomboski

I am a middle school social studies teacher and a current School Library Media graduate student. I have been teaching for over 11 years. I also am Nationally Board Certified and have a masters in Technology for Educators from Johns Hopkins University.

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  1. slm508ame says:

    How did you do the screen capture for the igoogle? I cannot figure out how to paste/insert it into my blog. Andrea

    • kmdomboski says:

      You should have a print screen key on your keyboard in the top right hand corner, something like Prt scr. that takes a screen shot of your computer screen. You may have to use a function key with the print screen it depends on your computer, I think. Then open pain or some other image program and then ctrl V(paste) it into the program. You can then crop the picture. If you still can’t get it to work let me know. I hope this helps.

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